The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is pleased to announce the adoption of the IRBNet suite of tools, accessible via the internet, bringing electronic protocol management, online submission and many other important research oversight features to the University of California, Davis, research community. For more information visit our IRBNet webpage.


August 17 - All New Projects must be submitted through IRBNet

Click here for FAQs about submitting a new study

September 14 - All Continuing Reviews must be submitted through IRBNet

Click here for FAQs about receiving access to existing studies

November 2 - All submissions must be made through IRBNet


Welcome to eDocuments (eDocs). This service is an electronic document delivery system. It provides an easy way of transmitting documents, without the file size constraints of the email systems.

Email is used only for notification purposes to indicate when a file is ready for pick up or when it has been received by the recipient.

  • Drop off your documents

    You will be directed to a separate page of menu selections which will allow you to transmit electronic documents to the Office of Research staff.
    Note: You must login, (see login button at the top of the page), to transmit documents to additional recipients.

Pick Up Documents

Enter the eDoc ID, provided in the email notification, and your email address. If there is no eDoc ID, contact the sender to re-issue the email.

Authorized users, view your eDocs.